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Fantastic Sleep

Im really delighted with sleep gummies..mybsleep has improved somewhat

Sleep gummies

100% would recommend these gummies as I noticed a change in my child's sleep within days. It's helped for a good sleep routine .

Night shift worker

10/10 recommend especially for anyone doing shift work! I take these after a night shift and they are incredibly! I wake up feeling refreshed and don’t have any broken sleep.

Stress Gummies | Fights stress and anxiety | 21 days


Saving most of them for Holidays to Greece πŸ˜‰

Love the gummies wish the packaging was more sustainable

I love your product, the only downside is the packaging. I always buy in bulk, so it would be great to have larger packages and less/no plastic.

Taste nice

I'm sure they helped relax me but I think they made me wake to use the toilet at night.Not sure.


I really like them. They are relaxing and help me fall asleep much quicker and easier. I will order more.

Great product, but..

Great product - second time I try it, now in a sugar free edition.
I ordered 4 packs but when I got them one of the jars had slipped open and the contents spilled into the cardboard box they came in.
I tried to send and email to costumer support shortly after, but haven't gotten a response 3 weeks later.

More moisturizing from the inside.

I started the treatment 10 days ago and it's a great product to have in your beauty routine. I find that my skin is less taut and smoother and is more hydrated from the inside. You can go for it with your eyes closed, you won't regret it! The gummies have a very pleasant taste and are sugar free.

I am sorry

I'm sorry but I didn't see any change. As much as I am very satisfied with the slimming and sleep cure which I have been addicted to for several months, I have not seen any effect with this cure. However, there are still a few days left of the cure


After testing the Hyaluronic Acid treatment for more than 21 days, I feel that my face is firmer, less wrinkled. Especially since the peach flavour is excellent!

Works great!

The sleep gummies work really well for my daughter. She thinks that the sugar free ones have a much better taste than the ones with sugar.

Can't wait to continue

I feel the first effects on my skin and I can't wait to order the rest of my treatment


I haven't finished my treatment yet, but so far I'm happy with it. The taste is pleasant, it is sugar-free and my skin needs a shot of hyaluronic acid.

A good taste

My skin seems to be more hydrated, however the 21 day treatment is too short to see any real effects. The taste is good, so it's easy to take. Texture wise, the gummies are slightly harder than the other ranges but this is not disturbing

Very pleasant

I have to say that I am very pleased with the taste and texture of the product. The taste and texture are very pleasant, however I am used to taking my cures in the morning but with the gummies I had to readjust. Unfortunately, I did not find any benefits from this treatment, but I have had a lot of pimples appear on my nose and chin since I started it.


I love them, they're making a huge difference to my sleep. They work very quickly and I'm not drowsy the next day. It's making a big improvement to my quality of life

A great product!

A great product! I loved these little gummies with a fruity peach taste πŸ˜‹ So much nicer to take than chemical capsules. Real effects on my skin while pleasing myself! I recommend this treatment

Really satisfied

I'm 24 so I don't have any signs of ageing at the moment but after 21 days I felt my skin was more hydrated, supple and luminous! I didn't think I'd have such a noticeable effect but I'm really pleased with it.

Excellent cure

Excellent cure. The (peach) taste is very pleasant. The effects are visible rather quickly (14 days for me). The skin is more pleasant to the touch, less sensitive and more hydrated.

Beautiful skin

My feedback is positive, my skin is much more beautiful

Easy to take

I love this dietary supplement which I have been taking for almost a month now. My skin is perfectly hydrated and more radiant. The taste (peach) is very pleasant and easy to take.

Soft skin

I find that my skin is clearer and softer. Despite the cold, I feel less tightness

Very satisfying

I find this product very satisfying! I pair it with my hyaluronic acid serum: winning combo. The peach taste is very good and the gummies have a very nice texture. Another product I would recommend πŸ™‚