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Melatonin-free Sleep Gummies

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Sugar-free Hyaluronic Acid Gummies

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Sugar-free Hair & Nails Gummies

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Sugar-free Beauty Gummies

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Sugar-free Weight Loss Gummies

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Sugar-free Magnesium Gummies

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Sugar-free Iron Gummies

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Sugar-free Energy Gummies

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Sugar-free Stress Gummies

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Sugar-free Immunity Gummies

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Sugar-free Menopause Gummies

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Sugar-free Pms Gummies

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Sugar-free Memory & Focus Gummies

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Sugar-free Kids Multivitamin Gummies

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Sugar-free Vitamin D Gummies

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Sugar-free Blood Circulation Gummies

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Sugar-free Digestion Gummies

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Sugar-free Solar Gummies


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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Brendan Woods
Sleep gummies

Love this product! And I think they have really helped me sleep , exactly what I ordered them for. But I felt the second batch was a little inconsistent with the first batch. Flavour and texture was different from my first order


Have been buying from Les Miraculeux for some time. Products are really good. Service is excellent. I highly recommend.

Tomas Pecnik



Custom Double Pack | Create your own pack | 2 x 21 days

Great Product

Received quickly, nicely packaged. Find these gumies are very good.

Elena Firulescu

Custom Pack of five | Create your own pack | 5 x 21 days

Paulina Verdejo
Hopeful of a pain-free life

I recently found out about Les Miraculeux when looking for new vitamin gummies. I suffer of anxiety disorder and the (to this point) chronic stress gives me painful and recurrent contractures and cramps all over my body, pain wakes me up at night as well. I got a custom 4 pack with stress and sleep gummies. The sleep gummies have helped me to fall asleep faster and to make it easier to sleep in a similar schedule every day. The stress gummies ARE AMAZING. In these 3 weeks my contractures have softened A LOT! even my physiotherapist noticed!! I just got like 5 new jars (thank you Black Friday) to follow a longer treatment. For the first time in about 3 years I think of being pain free without strong medication (muscle relaxers). Hopefully it will work!

Celia Lynch
Delighted with gummies

I think I have quite a few different types of your gummies now. I love to mix & match. They are really good and I have recommended them to friends. Will order again soon.

Mariana Moroni
Love it

I am absolutely in love with the tanning gummies. Even with a very sad summer in The Netherlands I could maintain my tan for several weeks and as soon as it’s sunny I get tan way faster and more uniformly. I’m on my third one already, really recommend it and will definitely take prior and during may next vacations ☀️☀️


I’ve only received my stress and sleep gummies last week, but I already notice a difference! I feel more calm in general and less tense and less overthinking during the nights. So I’m excited to see how it will go the upcoming days/weeks!