Sore throat, cold, runny nose... Your child, who is not feeling well, may be feeling tired, and once again, you find yourself at the pediatrician's office. While immunity develops during early childhood, as a mother, you worry about your little one experiencing repeated infections. So, how can you strengthen your child's immune defenses? How can you help them better defend against viruses and other microbes during the winter season? Here are 5 tips to effectively boost their immune system.

1. Strengthening child's immune defenses with a balanced diet

child immune system diet

In addition to being essential for a child's growth, a varied diet provides all the necessary nutrients and minerals to fuel their body with energy.

Eat well, children grow well

According to the recommendations of Santé Publique France, a varied and balanced menu for a child should include:

  • Starchy foods at each meal, such as pasta, rice, or potatoes;
  • At least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day;
  • Cereals, legumes, or pulses;
  • Three or four servings of dairy products per day;
  • One or two servings of meat, eggs, or fish per day alternately.

With these nutrition tips, your child will undoubtedly be more resistant to external threats and strengthen their immune system.

The best child dietary supplements to boost their natural defenses

If your child is often sick and tired, it is advisable to choose children's multivitamins specifically designed to meet their nutritional needs. Regular intake of vitamins and minerals will improve your child's defense system quality, helping them combat external aggressions. Our children's multi vitamines supplement are rich in acerola, zinc, vitamin D, and B6, a perfect cocktail for defenses. Moreover, children love the gummies for their deliciously fruity taste and unique shapes. Like candies with superpowers, they will help your child become stronger against nasty microbes.

2. Reduce fatigue with good sleep to prevent illness

Sleep is essential for a child's growth and for strengthening their immune defenses through hormone production. It is strongly recommended to respect their sleep hours so they wake up sufficiently energized and ready to face their long school days. If your child goes to bed late, try to detect signs of fatigue and establish a good bedtime routine for them to recover.

3. Support child's natural defenses with physical activities

Enroll your children in sports activities to restore their energy and vitality. According to experts, one hour of exercise per day is recommended to maintain a healthy body and stay in shape. Additionally, engaging in physical activity in the long run would boost their immune system. So, to strengthen your child's defenses, reduce sedentary activities and enroll them in extracurricular activities for them to unwind. However, be careful not to overload their schedule to allow for breaks and recovery. The accumulation of physical activities can have the opposite effect: it can tire them and consequently weaken their immune defenses.

4. Guide them good habits to counter infections and be more resilient

child immune system hygiene

Even though some exposure to microbes is essential for your child to build their natural reserve of antibodies, teaching children hygiene habits from a young age helps limit the transmission of germs and viruses. Especially at school or in daycare, where they are still vulnerable.

Therefore, teach your child to wash their hands regularly with soap and water, and also to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing to prevent the spread of microbes. Nose hygiene is also important to avoid repeated ear infections and sore throat. Thus, performing nasal washes for your little one helps eliminate secretions and, therefore, reduces the likelihood of illness.

5. Get fresh air even in winter to boost child's immune system

During weekends, take advantage of family moments to go cycling or for a walk so that your children can let off steam. Getting fresh air outdoors helps reduce stress and, therefore, prevents a weakening of the immune system.

Furthermore, remember to regularly ventilate their room to eliminate microbes, and do not overheat your indoors too much. To fight infections, it is advisable to use a humidifier to alleviate air dryness.


In summary, to strengthen your child's natural defenses, all it takes is:

  • Establishing a good sleep routine
  • Getting a dose of vitamins
  • Getting fresh air and engaging in physical activity
  • Teaching good hygiene habits to block microbes

To maximize chances, discover our specially designed dietary supplements for children to boost their immune defenses now.

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