Five recipes to start your day energized!

Five recipes to start your day energized!

Breakfast is integral to your body’s food intake and appetite regulation. Always remember that when you wake up, your body has basically fasted for a good seven to eight hours. It needs energy to get on with the busy day ahead! Get all the vitamins you need with our five healthy breakfast recipes!

Why is breakfast so important?

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As well as lowering your body mass index, a nutritious breakfast will reduce your hunger pangs during the day. Skipping a meal puts our brains in overdrive, meaning they want to make up for lost nutrients at other meal times. This is why we resort to overeating and snacking. The brain will also start storing nutrients for fear of missing another meal. The same scenario applies to our intellect. Breakfast helps us concentrate and boosts our short-term memory..

Which breakfast is for you?

Not everyone has the same thing for breakfast! Keep in mind specific individual needs and preferences. You should also consider whether or not a person regularly does sport.

Breakfast is the one meal time where anything goes... well at least, anything in moderation! You should consume drinks at room temperature. Anything cold will be harder to digest.

Like other meals, breakfast should be balanced, with an adequate supply of much needed vitamins, proteins, fibre and carbohydrates. Always make sure to supplement your breakfast with fatty acids such as oilseeds (think almonds and spreads). Last but not least, don’t forget your protein source from eggs or any vegan substitute. @Sporty_people, I’m looking at you!

Five recipe ideas to start your day feeling energized!

1. Porridge: your full healthy breakfast package!

Porridge is one of the healthiest forms of breakfast. What’s more, you can make it to your taste.

Traditional cooking can be used on an oatmeal base using classic or vegetable milk. And why not ring the changes with a little quinoa or buckwheat thrown in as well? We then add our vitamins consisting of fresh fruit topping and superfoods including goji berries before taking a handful of chia or pumpkin seeds. Top if off with a spoonful of tasty and protein-rich peanut butter, a must for foodies and sports lovers! .

2. Smoothie bowls: fruity and colourful.

Smoothie bowl petit-déjeuner sain

Wake up in the summer to a smoothie bowl! In recent years, it’s been one of the breakfasts trending on Instagram.

With good reason, we can make smoothie bowls that are colourful and vitamin-enriched. And, as with porridge, we can mix up our toppings and custom-made recipes.

3. Granola: your crispy, nutritive breakfast solution!

Granola is a mixture of cereals, seeds, dried fruits and vegetable oil. Its crispier texture and sweeter taste set it apart from muesli. Granola can be baked while muesli is always eaten raw. Granola is a flexible food; it can be eaten as is or with fruit and fromage blanc, mixed with vegetable milk or topped with smoothie bowls or porridge.

The basic recipe consists of mixing oat flakes with oilseeds and seeds divided equally. Next up is your sweetening ingredient, finished off with a light drizzle of coconut or hazelnut oil. We then roast our granola for a few minutes on a low temperature (maximum 170°C) before finally letting it cool and storing in a jar.

4. Avocado toast: start your morning with a taste!

Avocado toast petit-déjeuner sain

Avocados can be eaten at all times of the day, whether as a starter, in a salad or dish or even for breakfast! Start your day with a bang thanks to avocados’ loaded nutritional content. The alligator pear is known for its fibres and vitamins as well as omega-6 and omega-9. Combine avocado with a poached or scrambled egg to create a balanced and wholesome recipe! It’s a welcome change from our traditional bread and croissant breakfasts!

Simply toast the bread and crush the ripe avocado in a bowl. This will give you a smooth, spreadable puree. Then place the poached egg on the toast, season it with some salt and pepper, and you’re all set!

5. Energizing gourmet pancakes

Our last nutritious breakfast recipe involves pancakes! Our healthy solution lightens the dough using wholemeal flour, fromage blanc or even whipped egg whites. Our recipe is also vegan-friendly. Simply substitute the eggs for ground flax seeds mixed with water.

We have a penchant for fresh seasonal fruit garnishes, drizzled with a dash of maple syrup for good hearty measure!


Always remember to eat a well-balanced breakfast that’s packed with vitamins. This will feed your body all the required nutrients so you’ll be ready to face the day!

For this reason, we’ve selected our Ginseng and Guarana Energy gummies. Both are recognised for high active ingredient and vitamin content, giving you an extra boost if your energy starts to wane.

Got a question on nutrition? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us at and Jennifer, our dietitian-nutritionist, will get back to you.

So, have we whet your appetite yet?!

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