The best food supplements for hair

Do you dream of soft and silky hair ? Say goodbye to dull, brittle hair by choosing the best hair food supplements ! Let's take a look and understand which minerals and vitamins are best for strengthening hair fiber and having shiny and healthy hair.

Why would you choose hair food supplements, and how do they work ?

Stress, pollution, fatigue, illness, or unbalanced diet... So many factors that weaken the hair fiber. Some routines, such as straightening your hair with an iron, can dehydrate it, making it more brittle. To strengthen hair fiber, it is essential to provide all the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals by choosing the best food supplements for hair. But how do they act on our hair and scalp ?

Food supplements nourish the hair and boost hair growth

food supplement hair

The hair, called a hair follicle, is made up of a bulb. Its mission is to take nutrient molecules from the blood to ensure hair growth. In case of deficiencies, due to the different factors we have just discussed, it is recommended to take food supplements to provide all the essential nutrients for hair growth and to boost blood flow in the scalp.

The best food supplements for hair act as a real hair strengthening

You shouldn’t take a capsule to support your hair if you haven’t carefully looked at its composition. To have healthy and resistant hair, you must be sure that it has the right nutrients, such as

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • unsaturated fatty acids
  • Amino acids

They stimulate the synthesis of keratin, a natural protein that makes up 97% of hair. As a result, the hair is more robust. No more brittle hair !

Supplements bring what your hair needs to be shiny

Dietary supplements, which are composed of zinc, eliminate toxins to keep your hair in great health. If you have dull hair, you are strongly advised to review your diet.

At the same time, go for food supplements with B vitamins, which will help you regain your hair's suppleness and natural shine.

What are the best dietary supplements for hair ?

Now that you know the benefits of food supplements for hair, here is a list of important elements to guide you in your selection :

Zinc plays a key role

Zinc is a powerful antioxidant, this trace element contributes to hair growth. It has many benefits for your body and helps to reduce skin disorders such as psoriasis or acne, for example. A zinc deficiency dries out the scalp leading to hair loss.

Vitamins B, your best friends for beautiful hair

hair best food supplement biotin

The best hair food supplements are full of Vitamins B because they stimulate cell renewal and enable hair growth.

Vitamin B6 for resistant hair

Vitamin B6 is a keratin booster and thickens the scalp and protects the hair fiber from external stresses. As a result, your hair is less brittle and grows faster.

Vitamin B8 to strengthen hair and nails

Important to cell renewal (skin, hair, and nails), vitamin B8, also called biotin, is responsible for the production of keratin and hair growth. It prevents hair loss and acts as a tonic for hair and nails.

Our Beauty gummies, concentrated in vitamins B and minerals, have been designed to get shiny hair. There are also recommended for the nails and improves skin elasticity.

What other nutrients should I try to take care of my hair ?

Nowadays, you can find natural solutions to stimulate growth and strengthen your hair. Here are a few nutrients to focus on :

Brewer's yeast for soft and shiny hair

Known to clean the hair, it is perfect to deal with oily hair. Brewer's yeast protects your hair from your environment to make it beautiful and stronger.

Royal jelly, great for damaged hair

If you are losing your hair, taking a royal jelly cure will help you. It is a natural medicine, it contains a lot of vitamins as well as carbohydrates, lipids, trace elements, and minerals to preserve the health of your hair.

Organic silicon for healthy hair

Present in our bodies, this trace element is considered a stimulant for the scalp. It’s necessary for the production of keratin, which decreases with age. This is why hair when we get old becomes duller and more brittle.

Spirulina, the best to boost hair growth

Full in antioxidants as well as proteins, vitamins B, zinc, and iron, spirulina can bring energy to the most damaged hair.

Soya lecithin if you have brittle hair

Extracted from soybeans, it deeply nourishes the hair fiber and the hair's consistency. Many hair care products include soy lecithin in their composition to make hair silkier.

Reminder : The best food supplements for hair are those containing vitamins B and trace elements that are essential for the health and beauty of the hair. Integrate our hair, nail, and skin supplements into your beauty routine to have long, shiny and resistant hair.

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