want to keep your tan long after summer is over ?

Want to keep your tan long after summer is over ?


Want to keep your tan long after summer is over ?

The holidays are over. Your suitcases are packed. It's time to head back to reality. But your skin still has a beautiful golden glow! Want to keep your tan looking lovely (and avoid peeling) for as long as possible? We have put together some tips and tricks to keep the summer vibes alive as you head into autumn!

Tanning : how does it work?

To maintain the perfect tan, you need to understand how the sun affects your skin. What actually causes a tan?

Tanning is your skin changing colour due to the production of melanin, which is triggered by ultraviolet (UV) rays. When exposed to these rays, your skin works to protect itself. This natural defence mechanism encourages the keratinocytes to grow, causing the horny layer of the epidermis to become thicker.

Melanin, a natural pigment produced by the melanocytes, can absorb more than 90% of UV rays in order to protect your skin from sun damage. It is synthesised by the melanocytes to act as a sort of shield against UV radiation. Melanin also determines your phototype and your skin tone.

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However, when melanin is overexposed to the sun, it no longer works as a UV filter. Without protection, you are vulnerable to sunburn, also known as solar erythema. UVB rays are the main culprits, and the best way to fend them off is to apply sun cream regularly. In fact, without protection, ultraviolet rays can cause irreversible skin damage, and even skin cancer in the most serious cases.

Once your time in the sun is over, your golden tan will gradually fade as your skin replaces its cells. What is the secret to keeping your tan once summer is over? A question we have all asked ourselves at the end of the holidays! Here are some top tips to keep you looking radiant as you ease back into your daily routine.

Want a long-lasting tan?

Prepare your skin in advance

To achieve a natural and long-lasting tan, you should begin your skin prep two weeks before you actually start spending time in the sun. We recommend using a scrub once a week to exfoliate your skin, eliminate dead cells, and boost cell renewal.

To properly prepare your skin, you should also moisturise and take tanning supplements. Specifically formulated with natural active ingredients, they help to get your skin ready for sun exposure, promoting gradual tanning.

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Protect your skin with a good sun cream

Although melanin works to protect your skin from UV radiation, you also need an effective sun cream to avoid sunburn and other skin damage. So be sure to choose a suitable sun cream before you set off on holiday! Want to tan quickly without burning?

To choose the ideal protection, you need to take your phototype into account and select an appropriate SPF (Sun Protection Factor). If you have light skin, we recommend choosing an SPF 50+ sun cream, especially if you have not been exposed to the sun throughout the year. The same applies to children, who have especially sensitive skin.

On the other hand, if you have an olive complexion and you tend to tan easily, you can opt for SPF 30.

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In order to guarantee maximum safety and efficacy during your time in sun, remember to reapply your sun cream every two hours, using a sufficient amount to cover your whole body and face. To limit your risk of burning, avoid the sun during the hottest hours of the day. Sunglasses and a hat are also strongly recommended.

If you do accidentally get burnt, read our 10 natural remedies to relieve a sunburn.

Keep your skin moisturised

Throughout your holidays, and especially on your return, we recommend moisturising regularly to enhance your golden glow. So keep on applying your favourite cream or lotion to keep your skin hydrated. It's one of the best ways to hang on to your tan for as long as possible!

After sunbathing, apply moisturiser or after-sun lotion to deeply nourish your skin. You should also protect your hair after sun exposure with oils or specific products. Apricot kernel oil is renowned for its nourishing benefits.

To hold on to your tan, remember to drink at least 1.5 L of water to stay as hydrated as possible.

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Dietary supplements and food can play a major role

We recommend supplementing your antioxidant intake before, during and after your holidays in the sun. Antioxidants allow your body to better prepare itself for time in the sun and counteract oxidative stress, which is responsible for the formation of free radicals and skin ageing.

Foods with high levels of copper and carotenoids are known to stimulate melatonin. Carrot, tomato, melon and apricot can all help you to achieve a beautiful complexion. Our Solar food supplement, formulated with beta-carotene, copper, lutein and astaxanthin, will help to prepare your skin for time in the sun, boosting your natural pigmentation and prolonging your tan.

In conclusion, to keep your tan looking lovely into autumn, remember to prepare, protect and moisturise your skin. And keep on taking our Solar gummies, formulated to enhance your golden glow, even after summer is over!

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