How and why to detox your hair?

How and why to detox your hair?

Much like our skin and organs, our hair suffers damage on a daily basis. Our hair is exposed to pollution as well as intensive and often aggressive hair care products, not forgetting the toxins we ingest from our food and the environment. Where necessary, hair detox may be a powerful remedy to keep your mane and scalp refreshed and revived. What do we actually mean by “hair detox”, though? This article explains everything you need to know!

What exactly is a hair detox?

Faire une detox capillaire

Hair detox owes its origins to Asia. It’s a technique that eliminates toxins, impurities and scalp and hair build-up from hair styling products.

The purpose of hair detox is to deep clean your scalp, promote natural hair growth and maintain healthy hair. Hair not only absorbs everything you eat and drink, but also everything from your surroundings. For instance, you might find pesticides and metals in your hair from the food you’ve eaten.

In short, hair detox is basically a deep cleanse. Hair detox techniques also increase microcirculation in the scalp and remove sebum build-up, particularly in oily hair.

We recommend a hair detox when you’re thinking of switching to more natural hair care products. Hair detoxing involves removing product build-up from the scalp and hair fibre, whether it’s silicone, mineral oils or chemical hair dyes. This way, you can start afresh in a healthy way!

Hair detox: the benefits

T Thanks to its multiple benefits, hair detox is all the rage at the moment. First, it can be used on all hair types. Second, it does deliver when it comes to deep cleaning; it’s very similar to a detox treatment for our bodies.

Using standard hair care products - especially hair styling - sometimes leaves chemical or synthetic residues which may eventually suffocate the scalp. Hair detoxing helps to remove build-up as well as naturally purifying your hair. It is also recommended for removing dandruff.

Hair detoxing leaves your scalp healthier and lets it breathe! It makes it easier for active ingredients to penetrate the scalp so you can enjoy the full benefits of hair care.

What products and processes should I use to detox my hair?

Soins pour cheveux

You need to use hair care products that supplement treatment. Use natural, chemical-free products to avoid overloading the scalp and hair fibre. Here’s how to really detox your hair:

  1. P Use a scrub or hair treatment that suits your hair type. Then, apply the product with your fingertips by massaging your scalp with circular motions.
  2. Next, apply a clay-based mask from the mids to ends, naturally and effectively detoxifying your scalp. Buy a ready-made mask or make one yourself based on your needs.
  3. Then, shampoo your hair to remove the scrub and mask. Finish your hair detox routine by applying a moisturising mask or conditioner, to nourish and hydrate your hair. Rinse and dry your hair as usual.

How often should I detox my hair?

Your guide to hair detoxing

Every individual has different hair. How often you hair detox depends on your hair and scalp.

We recommend the following: hair care once a month for dry hair and sensitive scalps; hair care once or twice a month for normal hair; and weekly hair care for oily hair.

You may also detox your hair when you feel that your hair loses its natural glow, if it quickly becomes oily, or if it becomes drier and harder to style.

Whatever you do, though: don’t detox your hair if you have scalp lesions! After hair tints, you should wait a few weeks before detoxing your hair.

You need to use specific nutrients and practice regular hair care to keep your hair nice and shiny!

With this in mind, Mium Lab’s team of experts have developed a hair care food supplement to ensure radiant hair and skin.

Our gummies are simple and easy to use. They are filled with vitamins, zinc and hyaluronic acid to accelerate hair growth, and leave your hair fully revitalised!

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